The CT’s coverage of the “Cat Incident” and the UR Community’s response leaves me stupefied. So you have a dead mutilated cat! Investigations have yielded no concrete proof of a crime.

It’s time to move on? Candle light vigils by Dean Brugget & Co. do not bring a cat back to life, nor does it make UR a better school according to the US News and World Report. Apparently opportunity cost means nothing to you. For the amount you pay those phonies in administration, they should put in 20 hour days raising academic and athletic standards, and growing the endowment. Instead of eulogizing a cat nobody knew (nobody missed and therefore nobody loved, except in death), why doesn’t the administration try to halt UR’s disappointing slide in ranking? And as responsible students, perhaps you’ll should be studying, or at practice if you’re on a sports team, or at an internship gaining valuable skills.

Instead of wasting time over this dead cat perhaps you can improve Campus Career Recruitment so that graduates have other options for employment besides Wegmans and The Elmwood. How can UR alumni help students who send us their resumes with work experience consisting of an amalgam of “cat-incident” like rubbish?

In a year when Islamic terrorists murdered a couple of thousand people in NYC and DC, when the US is readying for war against Saddam, and when the US economy is in year 3 of a 4 year slump, and when we’re in “Threat level Orange”, the cat still takes precedence at UR.

Move on, get a grip on reality, and do something constructive with your life. Quit burning candles and wasting time moaning about the cat. George Soros and Bill Gates didn’t become who they are by wasting time over dead cats.

Ben EliasBA 1998MS 2000

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