A new line of greeting, or shall we say “dismissal,” cards has hit the UR Bookstore. Tommy Russling, William E. Simon Graduate School of Business student and UR men’s tennis assistant coach, launched his card business a little over one year ago.

Russling sees the greeting card business as a weird American fascination. “You can even buy a card for your second cousin’s bar mitzvah,” Russling said. “So why aren’t there cards for not-so-happy occasions?”

Thus, Russling created his niche in the over-saturated market by making a mockery of it. His cards are meant to be edgy, but at the same time not vulgar.

Russling markets his cards towards anyone who is dissatisfied with Hallmark cards and has a twisted sense of humor. He comes up with nearly all of the cards’ slogans, primarily by looking at Hallmark cards and saying the exact opposite.

So now, instead of giving your friend, girlfriend or teacher the same old card, you can choose from 32 different DISScards. Here are a sample of the cards available ?

“Life’s journey is full of peaks and valleys?.In this time of hurt and suffering, remember this ? You deserve it.”

“You brought religion into my life … I never believed in hell until I met you.”

“We all make mistakes in life ? Mine was trusting you.”

“There are no stupid questions. Just stupid people who ask questions. Like you.”

“Looks like someone’s getting flowers ? But not you.”

“It is hereby declared ? that you are the most boring teacher in the world.”

As a recipient of several DISScards, I can honestly say that Russling’s cards evoke emotional reactions and make strong feelings stronger. The person who gave me a DISScard for my birthday got the response he deserved ? a slap on the cheek.

DISScards can be purchased in the UR bookstore or online at http://www.disscards.net. Or even better ? if ordered over the Internet, the card can be sent anonymously to your recipient.

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