For the first time in university history, 40 percent of the senior class has contributed to the senior class gift drive. As a result, the Trustees’ Alumni Council of The College tripled the amount raised by the senior class, bringing the total donation to over $18,000.

The TACC agreed to match funds in a ratio of 1:1 in case of 35 percent participation and in a 2:1 ratio in case of 40 percent participation in its February meeting.

“This match demonstrates TACC’s commitment to the importance of involving young alumni in the College in a very tangible way,” said Assistant Director of Development at the Office of College Advancement Noah Drezner, a class of 2000 graduate.

Donations are being raised for placing planters in Meliora Plaza, which, according to Senior Class Council President Joseph Cacciola “will be dedicated to the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.”

The gift will include the planters, a plaque and the upkeep of the planters.

Drezner praised the Senior Class Council for the success.

“This record-breaking participation is attributable to the Senior Class Council’s exceptional motivation and the implementation of innovative fund-raising strategies,” Drezner said. “This year we introduced pledge cards and reply envelopes in all direct-mailings to the graduating class and decided to treat the seniors as alumni, basing their appeals not on custom but on compelling reasons to support the College.”

Interim Director of Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier said that help from the Office of College Advancement played a large role in the student’s success.

“They have co-advised the group with me and administratively coordinated the gift drive,” Algier said.

Cacciola said he was surprised by the success.

“Honestly, I could not tell you why the participation is so high. As a council, we have tried to be out there and encourage people to give as much as possible and have tried to make the senior year for the Class of 2002 as enjoyable as possible,” Cacciola said.

Senior reaction

Senior Amy Lorenzetti was among those who contributed to the senior gift. “I did it because I felt it was important to contribute,” Lorenzetti said.

Some seniors had other motives for donating. “I did it for the free T-shirt,” senior Marissa Pernisi said. “Well, it’s not really free.”

Of the 60 percent of seniors who did not contribute, some complained of not knowing enough about the senior gift. “I knew nothing about it,” senior Chandler Frank said.

When they heard that the TACC would be tripling the amount raised, most seniors were excited. “I think it’s great,” Pernisi said. “I think the gift is really awesome.”

Senior Kate Elkins agreed.

“I think it’s important to do something for September 11.”

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