Value your education well, because it has been a large investment. Often, people have difficulty realizing exactly how much money they have spent at this institution of higher learning. In order to aid you in putting a dollar sign on the past four years of your life, here are some convenient frames of reference.

You could have purchased 6,156 CDs and had some change left over.

You might have consumed 9,234 dinners at Danforth.

You could have had fine dinner 3,693 times at the Meliora.

You’d be bloated a few pant or dress sizes after gorging on 10,864 large cheese pizzas.

You might have had 15,390 blocks from dining services, which you could have spent in a minimum of 3,848 days.

Two brand-new premium signature Lincoln Town Cars.

You could have chewed on 369,380 gumballs for the price of your tuition.

Almost 29 Ultimate Get-A-Way Chairs & Ottomans with Shiatsu and Vibrating Massage function from the Sharper Image.

30,781 used copies of “The Catcher in the Rye” from

One 4-bedroom/2-bath 1,730 square-foot house in Converse, Texas.

2.131 seconds of advertising during last year’s Super Bowl.

Subscribed to 5,130 years of subscriptions to Cosmo (saving $123,120 off the cover price). You could have also splurged on 95,064 issues of Maxim.

10,864 movie tickets or 18,469 matinee showings.

271,602 letters sent via first class mail.

Eight 60-inch Plasma TV screens with DirecTV recievers and 41 months of “premium” service

1,846 tickets to Ozzfest 2002 in Wisconsin’s Floatrite Amphitheatre.

172 plane tickets to Tunisia or four used 1959 Cessna 310s.

543 “visits” providing “full-body massage and companionship” from Aladdin’s Escort Service here in Rochester. They can be reached at 581-2417.

214 years of Montreal Expos season tickets; 19 years of Boston Red Sox box seats season tickets.

A Snickers bar a day for 422 years, purchased from the Common Market ? or about 12 tons of Swedish Fish.

184,690 additional copies of the Campus Times (your first issue is free but each additional copy is 50 cents ? yeah, right).

About three guided trips to the top of the word’s highest mountain ? the 29,035-foot-tall Mount Everest.

37 years’ tuition at Monroe Community College.

Ten brand new 2002 Kia Rio compact sedans.

17,589 cheeseburger garbage plates at Nick Tahou’s.

Season passes to Six Flags Darien Lake for you and 2,309 of your closest friends.

Or a one-hour speech from former president Bill Clinton.

And to think, you could have had any of that for a mere .0000001490039 percent of Bill Gates’s wealth.

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