To the Class of 2002:

As the Director of Athletics and Recreation, I am pleased to have this opportunity to comment on the contributions of the Class of 2002 to the Department of Athletics and Recreation. In my job, I have the benefit of seeing our students in many different roles. We realize that athletics plays an important educational role for many of our students. The Class of 2002 took full advantage of what we have to offer.

I am proud of our student-athletes and other students who not only gain valuable experiences through participation in our programs, but who represent their university with distinction as they contribute enormously to our success. They remind us how lucky we are to serve them in our professional roles.

After arriving in 1999, I came to know the Class of 2002 over the final three years of their undergraduate life. During this time, we completed substantial renovations to the Goergen Athletic Center.

The Class of 2002 was the last to fully experience the old River Campus Sports Complex. As second year students, the class lived through massive renovation work. Finally, this class enjoyed the opening of the renovated facility just prior to their junior year.

Many students from this class worked hard with us to make the opening of the facility a success. We employ over 200 students per year in our department. I recognize that a great deal of leadership in these roles has come from the Class of 2002. They have helped us enormously in establishing substantial changes in our facility operation, and provided a positive recreational environment for the entire university community.

On the program side, intramurals remains a source of great pride. The students who supervise these activities deserve much credit, and again, the Class of 2002 has served their fellow students admirably in these roles. As varsity programs, UR has distinguished itself with significant contributions from this class.

Over the course of their careers, the Class of 2002 has contributed to conference championships, regional championships, and a number of post-season appearances. As individuals, the Class of 2002 has a number of All-Americans, Academic All-Americans, and athletes who have qualified for the post-season in individual sports. Over the course of their senior year, the Class of 2002 led our teams to levels of success not experienced in a decade or more.

I wish the Class of 2002 continued success as they leave our campus behind. I am reassured to know that they will never actually leave us. Their roles change, but they continue to remain vital to our success. As alumni they will continue to stay active through the Friends of Rochester Athletics. Besides helping us field teams for alumni games, we will draw on their experiences to assist in the recruitment of new students and seek their help in establishing career networks.

The Class of 2002 will continue to serve UR, just as a UR education will continue to serve them.

My hardy congratulations to the Class of 2002! You have made those of us in Athletics and Recreation very proud.

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