Madonna, Whitney Houston, Lil’ Kim and more rocked the May Room last Friday night in the Pride Network and the Sigma Delta Tau sorority’s second annual Drag Show. The event, which played to a standing room only crowd, was part of the Pride Network’s Gay Pride Month, known as Gaypril.

The event featured drag queens from local clubs and special guest Ashya Black from Buffalo.

Aggy Dune

Aggy Dune was the hostess for the evening, and her witty remarks smoothed the transitions between performances well. Aggy later came on stage as Cher, performing “If I Could Turn Back Time,” complete with her signature black thigh high stockings and partially see through body suit. There was a minor setback when Aggy’s cape stuck to her long curly wig, but she worked through it like a pro and continued on with her act.

Aggy came out in another knockout outfit for her performance of Mary J. Blige’s hit song “No More Drama (Dance Mix).” She was wearing a long leather coat and a denim mini dress, but the best part of the outfit was by far the hat. It was a giant feathery creation, and added just the right amount of diva to the ensemble.

Ashya Black

Though it was her first time at UR, the absolute show-stopper was Ashya Black. Her performance of a remix of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” was realistic and athletic, with her snaking across the stage while belting it out just like Whitney would. But nothing in the entire show could prepare the audience for the closing number, Ashya’s performance of Lil’ Kim’s “How Many Licks?”

Ashya stepped out on the stage for the nasty song about oral sex in little more than thigh high boots and black pasties. She showed off her natural assets in a thong that let the audience know that she had a booty that rivals J. Lo’s and that she knew how to use it. Shaking and gyrating across the stage she drove men and women alike wild as she made her “booty clap.” It was a high energy ending to a wild show that left the audience speechless.

Ambrosia Salad

One of the more traditional drag queens complete with overdone makeup and giant hair, Ambrosia Salad is not to be missed.

Actually, you couldn’t miss her if you tried. Dubbed “the tallest drag queen in captivity” by Aggy, Ambrosia stands 6’4″, and wears the biggest heels on the planet. Ambrosia quoted drag queen RuPaul and said, “the higher the heels, the bigger the hair, the closer to God,” and she wasn’t kidding. In her first number she wore perilously tall black and white boots, and the biggest shoes I’ve ever seen in her second number, Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova.”

“Supernova” provided a more mellow side to the show, and proved that there is more to drag queens than big hair and Madonna covers.

Pandora Boxx

While Madonna isn’t all that drag queens can do, it is nice to see her performed well, as Pandora Boxx did. Emerging in a long black cape to open with “Frozen,” Pandora went through a medley that included “Music” and “Ray of Light.” Pandora is a great performer, and at the end of the number she did a series of squat kicks that demonstrated her athletic ability ? something she demonstrated through the night.

In another of Pandora’s performances ? her medley of Britney Spear’s sexy hit “I’m A Slave 4 You” with “I’m Not a Girl.” Wearing an outfit reminiscent of Britney’s scandalous jungle suit, Pandora showed off her ripped abs and proved that she can shake it as well as Shakira any day.

First appearing on-stage as an “old fashioned girl” in pantaloons, Lexxus quickly proved that she is more nasty than innocent. The performance began with traditional ballet pirouettes that quickly morphed into nasty splits as she wriggled and twisted to a throbbing song that posed the question, “does anybody want to have sex tonight?”


Fans lined up to give Lexxus dollar bills in her next number, which started with Pink’s remix her party jam “Get the Party Started” and the Eurythmics hit “Sweet Dreams.” Her high leg kicks once again proved that drag queens are true performers.

Intermission allowed time for a question and answer period that informed the audience on the lifestyle of a drag queen. When asked where they hid “it,” Aggy announced that “we’re all sitting on a secret right now.”

In regards to their fabulous outfits, Pandora explained that she made a lot of her outfits. “Being 6′ 4″, a lot of things don’t come in my size,” she said. Ambrosia said she had other queens make some of her outfits, but she bought other things in department stores. “They don’t have a beaded bra aisle in Wal-mart,” Ambrosia said.

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