Ever wanted to watch the sunrise after a long night of studying, paper-writing or partying, but go outside to only see trees and buildings? Well here are three of the best places in Rochester, or in the surrounding areas, to watch the sun come up.

Honeoye Falls

While far away, Honeoye Falls is on of the most picturesque places to watch the sunrise that you’ll find. Sometimes noted is its similarity to a Dutch Renaissance painting. Full of large pastures and old homes, it’s an experience in and of itself.

To get there, drive south on Mt. Hope Avenue to Jefferson Road (3.8 miles) and then turn left on Jefferson. Proceed to Clover Road (approx. 3 miles) and turn right, following the sign to Honeoye Falls. Clover is also New York State Route 65.

After driving for 10, miles you will find yourself in Honeoye Falls.

While picturesque, this is not your final destination. You will need to turn left to continue on NY-65 and then drive for another 5-6 miles.

Just stop on the top of any of the hills and get out of your car to watch the sunrise. It’s amazingly peaceful and a memorable experience.

Lake Ontario

There are two parks on Lake Ontario near Rochester, one in Charlotte and one in Sea Breeze.

I prefer Sea Breeze. It’s a long jetty that has less pedestrian traffic on it and seems quieter to me.

It’s simpler to get there than to Honeoye Falls. You just get on 390 South to 590 North. You follow 590 North to where it dead ends in Sea Breeze (about 9 miles).

Turn left at that point and about a block later is a parking area. Just park and walk out on the jetty and enjoy.

Footbridge to the 19th Ward

The last option is right here at home for those of us without cars. Just go out on the footbridge to the 19th Ward and watch the sun come up.

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