are you serious. what is this crap that sadly passes for an online publication. i graduated from rochester last year, a year when the country seemed relativley safe, when freshman, sophomores and juniors lived together and harmony, and when an online paper was as easy to read as well.. a paper. now i have found my school with its billion dollar endowment and its continued requests for my support can not even offer me the convience of reading about its endevors without subscribing? without accidently being brought from ad to ad. there is no longer community here, no longer personality, no longer do i sense that this was once my campus or my campus times. what have you done and why have you done it. please explain.jill

The Clothesline Project gives a voice to the unheard

The Clothesline Project was started in 1990 when founder Carol Chichetto hung a clothesline with 31 shirts designed by survivors of domestic abuse, rape, and childhood sexual assault.

Colin’s Review Rundown: Future and Metro Boomin, Lizzy McAlpine, Benson Boone, Civerous

Is it bad? Definitely not! But I found myself continually checking my phone to see how many tracks were left.

Recording shows University statement inaccurate about Gaza encampment meeting

The Campus Times obtained a recording of the April 24 meeting between Gaza solidarity encampment protesters and administrators. A look inside the discussions.