They have been called the new generation Supremes, which is not a very radical comparison since they’ve released a string of consecutive smash hits and their albums sell like hot cakes.

Beyonc, Michelle and Kelly seem to be everywhere these days ? the mere reference of their names seems to spark a conversation. They are in demand.

However, they haven’t released a substantial full-length player since “Survivor” ? and they won’t for a while since each member is pursuing a solo career currently. The Christmas album wasn’t much of a pleaser and this album is a rehashing of past work of some of today’s hottest remixers.

“This Is The Remix” starts with “No, No, No Part 2,” which is incidentally a remix of a song that was already remixed by Wyclef Jean on their first album. For some reason this extended version falls flat and fails to capture the spice of the original remix.

Beat gods The Neptunes appear on this album on the remix of “Emotion” ? originally a ballad, now a bob-your-head tune ? a great collaboration with a stronger vocal arrangement than the original.

Unlike many remix albums, this one is almost fully made of R&B remixes, including the Rockwilder remix of “Bootylicious” featuring the queen of remix Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot.

Timbaland makes an appearance with his version of the delicious “Say My Name” ? even when the original is amazing ? this is a different take on a great song.

“Nasty Girl,” the highlight track from Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor,” was surprisingly never released as a single. It is reinvented as a less-aggressive Azza Nu Soul Mix. Followed by the extended version of “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” featuring Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and Lil’ Bow Wow.

Da Brat also appears on the remix of “Survivor,” which is a lazy remix effort because it is the same exact song ? the difference is Da Brat’s annoying rap.

The only two techno remixes appear at the end and are both club-ready. Maurice’s Xclusive Livegig Mix of “Bills, Bills, Bills” and Maurice’s Soul Mix of “So Good.”

The album is a treat in the sense that it brings a different edge to songs that are already known.

However, the threesome couldn’t have picked a worse track to close with ? a bonus track preview of Michelle’s solo album “My Heart To Yours” called “Heard A Word.”

This is a slow number with a praise-Jesus perspective that not only ruins the mood of the album but also introduces Michelle’s doomed-to-fail attempt at making a gospel album.

Let’s just hope Beyonc, who is slated to be Austin Powers’ love interest in the third installment of the trilogy, sounds better on her solo album.

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