With their platinum, cross-dressing lead singer, Miss Guy, the Toilet Boys inspired the off-Broadway musical and movie, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. However, the unique music that poured from Hedwig was a smarter, more stimulating set than the Toilet Boys’ self-titled debut CD.

This New York City glam rock metal band has been underground for almost a decade building a fan base of hustlers, KISS, whores, The Ramones and the like. With their live shows full of pyrotechnics, fire eating and boys wearing make-up, this peculiar mix has helped them become a secret must-see act for rockers everywhere.

Guitarist Sean literally ignites the stage when he sets his guitar ablaze while playing. Even publicity from London, where the Boys accidentally set an entire club on fire, has brought them into the spotlight.

Through it all, the Toilet Boys still have a garage band mentality, only wanting to have fun and play for their pure love of rock’n’roll.

The Boys have amazing instrumental musicians. Guitar power twins Sean and Rocket add a hypnotic melody to every song.

The heavy metal taste they add builds instrumentally pleasing tunes. This band may put on a good show but their lyrics and music don’t always follow suit.

Miss Guy, as funky and freaky as his appearance may be, is lacking in the vocal department.

The Toilet Boys disc takes you on a laborious listening journey. The first track “Party Starts Now” with its hey-ho chorus is trying to be punk but alas, does not work because of the ’80s hair band influence on the Boys.

Following is the whiny “Heartstopper” an old skool punk effort but fun nonetheless.

The melancholy “Hollywood” is strangely reminiscent of the Eagles’ “Hotel California.” Nevertheless, the song doesn’t make sense. It’s about an acid trip on Halloween ? enough said.

The track “Rock’n’Roll Whore” is just an annoying, wannabe rock anthem. But the catchy, yet average “Another Day in the Life” was an honest attempt at mainstream pop.

The tune was featured in the American Pie 2 movie sound-track but wasn’t given much exposure because it wasn’t chosen for the soundtrack album.

The closing song, “Kiss in the Wind,” is a diamond in the rough. This sweet rock love song is the only song genuinely deserving to be on the disc.

The Toilet Boys don’t take themselves or their lyrics seriously. This is where the problem begins. They want to bring carefree fun back to music but they only come up with a mixed bag.

The verdict on the Toilet Boys? A couple decent songs do not sell records. Their album should be flushed.

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