I got this email today from a friend, I think the CT might be interested in the story (UR Alumni on TV).


hey everybody,I normally try to avoid the mass email, but I need you all to do me a favor and watch tv:) Some of you know John Hodges and some of you don’t, but but he was a coxswain at UR for 4 years and as some of you know, always entertaining. Anyways, he’s on this new tv show, “no boundaries” which is on sundays at 7pm on the WB and is kinda like survivor but they’re in canada moving towards the arctic circle. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to see Hodges on tv, and I watched last week and it was definitely entertaining and they do more exciting stunts/challenges then a lot of the shows. The show might be cancelled and I will be SOOO disappointed if that happens, and poor little hodgie will miss being a star. So, if you’re not too busy, watch the show, or at least turn on your tv and mute it or whatever so the viewership rating increase. If you don’t know hodges, he’s the short one who is always kissing people on the cheek and most likely in a Yale sweatshirt. Last episode he actually got to cox, for the challenge, who knew such a skill would come in handy in real life??:) Ok, that’s it, try to watch, hope everyone is doing well and talk to you later,XYZ

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