I went to the porn on campus and gleefully heckled with my fellow students. It was very fun. What wasn’t very fun was that when the man in the porn took the woman’s head in his hands and started shoving it up and down on his penis as she was blowing him, all the guys in the audience started cheering. According to all the women I’ve talked to, if a guy starts pushing on her head while she’s giving him head, it’s the last blowjob he’s getting from her.

Furthermore, the guys in the audience went wild when the man came all over the woman’s face and slapped her face with his dick. When it was time for cunnilingus, I heard nothing but male groans ? not the aroused kind. What’s up with this? Guys on this campus support sexual practices that are not very respectful of their partners, but can’t understand fair play? ? Cum again

Pornography is a form of entertainment with very loose boundaries of tastefulness. People get off on different things, which accounts for the evident diversity in pornography. Generally though, there is not a gender difference in what people think is most arousing. Research has shown that both male and female college students rate videos that are highly sexually explicit and highly romantic to be the most stimulating. Even so, most pornography, like the one on campus, is not romantic and is not equally aimed at both sexes.

Pornography is an exaggeration of a sexual encounter. On the other side of the camera is a place where fantasies come true. People might experiment more than others in real life, but it is not often that their partners’ ball sacs are shaved. What you saw in “Thighs Wide Open” happens sometimes, but not very often. And I can almost guarantee that it doesn’t happen at UR. That being said, a person’s own fantasies, if not inflicted on anyone, are limitless. That includes shoving a penis deeper into a girl’s mouth or shooting cum. However, a man does not have the right to act on these desires without the consent of his partner. And, I bet there are very few people that would be willing to aid in the fulfillment.

The UR Cinema Group did a nice job selecting the film, in that there was more reciprocal sexual gratification than usual. Too bad that the male audience members around you did not show their appreciation. Most males that I have spoken with acknowledge that cum shots and head shoving turn them on. When asked why, they can not explain the fundamental reasoning. But there is no reasoning when it comes to arousal sometimes, so we’ll just have to accept it. As for cunnalingus, I do not think the groans were a reliable indicator.

It is a source of many guy’s personal enjoyment and the pleasure that one receives when they know they are satisfying their partner.

I would suspect that the shouts and groans at the porn were not indicative of their real views on cunnilingus, porn and fellatio. ? Joan

I recently had a problem with my boyfriend and pornography.

I think that it is disgusting and demeaning … what would you think if you found your boyfriend with a lot of porn? ? Busted

Everybody is allowed to have their own fantasies. It is how they go about satisfying their urges that is important.

If he spares you in the fulfillment of these demeaning fantasies by watching pornography, be happy. You need to respect his desires.

If he tries to make you act out any of the scenes on the videos and you aren’t comfortable with that, clarify your lack of interest.

Hopefully, his video collection is not getting in the way of your intimacy. If it is, then there is a problem. ?Joan

If you have any love and relationship questions that are literally, ummm ? burning, they can be sent to the love goddess herself, Joan Knihnicki. She can be reached at jknihnicki@campustimes.org

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