Republicanism on the UR campus isn’t exactly in vogue. Often vilified by our peers, those who wave the banner of conservatism can feel as if they have no voice. To those true believers in personal responsibility and freedom, it can seem like you are surrounded by unreasoning socialists who want nothing more than to make every person in this country dependent on the government.

This liberal dominance prevails at most colleges and universities around the country, but fear not, because most Republicans are made after people graduate from the sheltered life of college and learn how the real world really works.

Due to being driven “underground,” it is often a relief to go to a College Republicans meeting on Tuesday at 9 p.m. in room 122 of Wilson Commons and bask in the glow of a grounded political philosophy. Surrounded by people who don’t say “Bush is doing a great job” sarcastically. Where you are surrounded by people who know that the military isn’t just there to take attention away from an embarrassing political scandal. And where you are surrounded by people who allow logic, not bleeding heart emotionalism, to be the guide in determining domestic and foreign policy.

These meetings recharge my conservative batteries and enable me to go out on campus and push back against the seemingly overwhelming liberal ideology.

Being a Republican at UR is certainly an interesting experience. The Democrats and other liberals can simply make a statement and be sure that most people will blindly agree ? this is not true for Republicans. If someone makes a pro-conservative statement, he or she is expected to instantly defend his or her idea.

Rather than this being a constant deterrent to speaking our mind, this is actually a positive because it teaches us to think quickly and be able to support our viewpoints with facts.

Because Democrats feel so secure in their views, they rarely know what they’re talking about. For example, I once had someone walk into a College Republicans meeting, and say, “I’ve got one word for you guys ? Enron.”

I’ll tell you that this kid had a look on his face that said he thought he was the smartest person alive. Unfortunately for him, many in our organization are also on the debate team, so after a few actual facts were spoken the insurgent quickly and quietly made his exit.

Take heart, Republicans ? your time will come. Learn the lessons of living with liberals to strengthen your ideas.

It’s hard to stay on the right path, but if you persevere you will be a much wiser conservative. It’s a depressing fact, but this campus ? especially this campus ? will probably never heed the voice of conservatism. The important thing that you have to remember is this does not make us victims.

Sure, having to deal with a seemingly 10-1 Democrat to Republican ratio isn’t fun. And of course it probably isn’t easy to have to listen to professors toss in their pro-liberal views. But just because you are underrepresented does not mean you are victimized or oppressed.

If you feel like your views aren’t being taken seriously, don’t whine about the situation ? take control and do something to advance your ideas.

Write a letter to the Campus Times answering one of the various liberal opinion writers with what you think. Talk to those who are undecided to convince them to come over to your side. Contact your local Republican Party Headquarters and ask if they need your help. Contribute to the Grand Ol’ Party. And of course, you could always join the College Republicans.

The point is, you don’t have to be content with the dark cloud of liberalism that hangs over UR. We all have the power to affect the community around us to achieve a Republican Utopia. Where taxes are low, the country is safe, freedom is in your heart, and responsibility is in your mind.

Pascoe is a freshman and chairman of the College Republicans. He can be reached at

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