Normally, I do not care for techno, club, or house music. the New Deal, however, was not too painful to listen too.

Of course, I have a hard time telling one mix from another, but at least this music refrained from the overly upbeat tripping-on-ecstasy music so common in this genre.

What I normally hear in this category of music is the mind-numbing, pulsing, droning collection of sounds that last around 5 minutes or more.

Mostly, it was pleasantly ignorable and provided a good background for studying, relaxing or whatever.

Okay. Maybe I am being a little unfair. There were a few tracks I actually liked. My favorites were “Technobeam,” “Deep Sun,” and “Glide.”

Not being a person who listens to this stuff on any kind of regular basis, I couldn’t tell you why I liked these songs, just that they had a different sound from the much overdone Prodigy, and were a little more relaxing than the the normal fare.

The style of the New Deal is mellow and fun, staying away from the pulse pounding beat and overused sounds of other artists.

Its almost classy, if such a word can be applied to this kind of music.

If you want to try them out, listen to their self-titled album or their four track enhanced CD, “Receiver.”

It is entertaining, well done, and offers a sampling of their music. Tour dates, photos, videos, news and more can also be found at their homepage.

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