In a month and a half, UR will lose one of the most valuable resources that it has ever had. After 34 years at the university, Director of Student Activities and Wilson Commons Rob Rouzer will leave to fill the position of Director of the Campus Unions at the University of Illinois-Chicago. The position will be a big step up for Rouzer, and it is one that he greatly deserves. He will now be overseeing a much larger operation, a staff of 170 people and a much larger.

While we congratulate Rouzer on his promotion and wish him best of luck in Chicago, these positive emotions are mixed with sadness over what the campus community will be losing. Rouzer has been with the university since before Wilson Commons was built, and has been around at least six years longer than anyone else who works in the building.

But Rouzer’s knowledge of life at UR does not stop at the doors of Wilson Commons. As Vice President and General Secretary Dean Paul Burgett has said, “Rob knows Rochester as few do.” His knowledge of the workings and history of UR is immense, and his accessible manner allows that knowledge to be spread.

Rouzer may be an expert at the business aspects of Student Activities, but that is probably not the main thing that most students who knew him will remember him for. Rouzer’s personality and accessibility are as much of an asset to the student body as his knowledge is. His good nature created a positive mood in the Student Activities Office, and assured that students felt welcome at all times.

With all of the positive qualities that Rouzer possesses, there is no doubt that he will assimilate well into student life at UIC, and become as valuable to them as he was to us. Goodbye, Rob. Good luck in your new job, and know that you will be missed.

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