We as Greek leaders find the events related to the cat mutilation repulsive and grotesque. However, the manner in which this investigation has been handled is widely considered unacceptable.

Fraternity presidents have become frustrated with the notion that their houses will face repercussions for actions that they had no part in nor any knowledge of. The frustration stems from the university’s plea for members of the Fraternity Quad to provide answers when they have none.

It is impossible to answer questions when one does not know the facts. Thus the dilemma the undergraduates on the quad face. It should be noted that there is a responsible party for these actions and it is this organization who has failed to relieve the university and the Greek community of this embarrassment.

It is the hope of the Fraternity President’s Council that the investigation will move forward on information that is known to be fact.

The fraternity community as a whole is not stonewalling the University, but rather, this is a case where a select group of individuals have failed to provide the facts. By blanketing the Fraternity Quadrangle with responsibility of these reprehensible actions it implies that all organizations have knowledge of and participated in this criminal behavior.

At the same time it makes it easier for the responsible individuals to avoid the punishment that they justly deserve.

President Jackson’s call for a meeting with Fraternity Quad presidents on

Tuesday should be considered the final straw in a situation that has gone on long enough.

As chairman of the Fraternity Presi-dent’s Council, I urge those who have any knowledge on the matter that is known to be fact and not rumor to contact any administrator and share what you know so that this situation can be resolved.

President Jackson’s involvement in this issue should be taken very seriously as time is running out for those responsible to come forward and state the facts. Should this go on any longer, frustrations will only mount for those involved with the investigation and the university will simply punish all organizations on the quad, instead of only those responsible for this heinous activity.

Rumors have been circulating and fingers have been pointed in regards to who may be responsible for this behavior. The bottom line is somebody on the Rochester campus knows what happened and must come forward to protect the integrity of our college and the fraternities with which we are associated.

Davidson is a junior and can be reached at mdavidson@campustimes.org.

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