Before winter break the body of a cat was found horribly mutilated on the Fraternity Quad. This is a very serious offense, and officials that include UR Security, the Rochester Police Department and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are looking into the crime. This heinous act deserves all of the attention it is getting, especially when considering that the mutilation of animals is often a precursor to violent crimes against humans. For these reasons it is of the utmost importance that anyone having information come forward immediately and talk to security. However, students remained unaware of the seriousness and even the existence of the event for far too long.

Administration failed to adequately inform the campus that the crime took place. UR Security, who first learned of the cat’s mangled remains on Dec. 2, took 12 days to begin posting security updates around campus. A letter explaining the event and asking for help from Interim Dean of Students Jody Asbury was sent more than a month after the incident.

This response is unacceptable. Students have been told that this is a very serious matter, yet it was not handled in a manner that would indicate its importance. The administration has put fliers in student mailboxes and sent out mass e-mails in response to other issues that they have considered important, and these methods should have been utilized in this instance. This would be the fastest and most effective way for officials to inform students about what is going on.

Posters that are torn down almost immediately after they are put up don’t cut it. Information disseminated to residential advisers isn’t enough. In the future when the security of staff and students is in question, administrators and security should utilize as many ways possible to inform the campus community.

Anyone who can help bring those to justice who committed this terrible crime, please contact UR Security at x53333.

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