Halloween is fast approaching, and the pivotal issue of costuming is here. Some people have had their Halloween costumes planned since August, and other people would rather die than be seen in public in some silly outfit. A lot of other people are in the middle, and often don’t decide what their going to wear until the last minute. If you fall in that category, here’s some simple, last-minute outfits you can whip up for yourself.

Have you ever had that deep, secret urge to be like Britney for a day? Come on, who can’t resist the idea of prancing around in a teeny outfit, complete with lots of eye-batting, gyrating and heavy breathing. Then when you’re approached by a guy, you get to look shocked and say, “But I’m a virgin.”

Yeah right, Britney. That’s about as believable as Christina’s wig in the Moulin Rouge video. Regardless, transforming yourself into a rock superstar is easy to do.

If you’re not looking to dress quite as racy this Halloween, there are some cute, quirky costumes that are sure to get you noticed for something other than your nice behind. Everyone plays Snood, the greatest procrastination tool to come along since America Online Instant Messenger. Why not spend your Halloween dressed up as something everyone loves? It’s an easy costume to make, and it will be a great conversation starter.


The construction of a Snood costume involves pants and a shirt of the same color, an empty cardboard laundry detergent box, scissors and paint.

1. Take an empty cardboard box and paint the box green. Make sure to also paint the bottom, since this will be seen as the top of your mask.

2. Cut holes in one of the sides to fit your eyes and mouth.

3. Using white out, create eyebrows and a nose. Attach a tongue.

Halloween night dress all in your solid color, and wear the box as a mask. Everyone loves Snood, and everyone will love you.

Now you are armed with two quick and easy costume ideas that you can pull together if you decide to dress up for this holiday. Regardless of what you wear, get out and have fun this Halloween, it’s the only time of the year you can dress as wildly as you please and no one will think you’re nuts.


All you need is a boy’s white or black T-shirt, scissors, some glitter fabric pens and a piece of yarn or shoelace.

1. Using the glitter pens, write your favorite rock star slogan on the front or back of the shirt, but leave the sleeves blank. Feel free to glam up the shirt as much as you’d like. Make Halloween your night to shine.

2. Once the writing is dry, cut off the sleeves, and cut a three to four inch slit down the neckline.

3. Slit one side of the armless shirt entirely up one side seam. Using your scissors or a hole punch, make a row of holes spaced one inch apart on each side of the split seam.

4. Using the yarn, leather lacing or shoelace, lace up the seam, starting at the top so the strands can tie at the bottom. Make the weave as tight or loose as you like, depending on the amount of skin you want to show.

You’ve done it. You are now ready to strut your stuff as the hottest thing to hit Halloween since those little French maid outfits.

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