For all those students out there who want to stay informed about the world around them by purchasing a copy of the local newspaper, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, beware of where you buy it. You can pay twice as much on some locations on campus than at others.

A copy of the D&C costs 25 cents at the Common Market in Wilson Commons and 50 cents at the distribution bins directly outside Wilson Commons and in the front lobby of CLARC.

The standard price for a copy of the newspaper is 50 cents. Cilla Rohan, a customer service supervisor at the Democrat and Chronicle, explained that the Common Market newspapers are marked down as part of a special discount rate.

The D&C provides 25-cent papers to schools and universities for educational purposes. The papers outside of Wilson Commons and CLARC are in standard distribution bins, so the discount does not apply to them.

Monroe Community College also has the same discounted rates on the D&C as UR does.

Freshman Trystan Blair was not aware that prices were less in the Common Market, but said “a cheaper price would get me to buy a paper.”

When asked why he thought the D&C would offer discounted rates, Blair said “I guess they want students to get more involved in what’s going on in the world.”

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