In a world full of madness and pain, a world of fear and sadness, everybody needs loud music.

On top of all the crap we have to worry about in our personal lives, we have to deal with being at war.

I say turn up the stereo.

In the music section of the CT, we get a regular dose of Nasser?s views on the newest diva cd. There is a time and a place for divas, I?ll admit, but Nasser is reaching a limited audience.

It is time to fill the gap here. It is time for a fresh perspective. That fresh perspective is going to be mine.

Rock lives

A few years ago, rock and roll was dying. Its only representatives were Fred Durst and his ?motley crew.? It pained me, but there were still glimmers of hope.

Scott Weiland finally got out of prison. Young bands were popping up all over the place. Rock started to grow, and still is growing.

We have a strong line-up of bands these days ? the now-veteran band Godsmack, the intensely dark, but intensely talented Disturbed, and the sad and beautiful Cold. Nonpoint just rocks. Tool is still going strong, and so is it?s sister band, A Perfect Circle.

Travis Meeks of Days of the New fired his band, and that band is now Tantric ? two bands for the price of one.

Other bands include Clutch, Econoline Crush, Nickleback and even Alien Ant Farm. The Toadies just put out an impressive album. There are also bands like Saliva and Drowning Pool that really aren?t very good, but they have put out some big hits. The list really goes on and on.

The band

One of the most notable bands that recently released an album is boyhitscar. I?m going to go out on a limb here and say this self-titled album is one of the best rock cds in years.

Boyhitscar is impressive on many fronts. First and foremost, if you need loud and angry music, you will be more than satisfied. You get the whole package with screaming vocals, fatness bass and drums, and scratch-your-face-off guitar.

Loud but unique

This stuff will scare the crap out of your mom. At the same time, the singer is actually very talented and occasionally lays down his ?I?m a pretty tenor? voice.

In addition, the sound is diverse and different. This is not the same old crap.

I can?t think of the last time I heard any band using 12-string acoustic guitar or Indian brass flutes and Irish tin whistles. Several songs on the CD have distinct Indian and Middle Eastern sounds. It is definitely not standard American hard rock, but it is great rock.

Inner message

And yes, boyhitscar is angry and screaming, but it really is a scream of hope, something you don?t often see in this vein of music.

Beneath all the noise is a positive and hopeful vibe, but it?s not presented in an annoying and pretentious way like Creed.

These are some very upset kids who are sick of people and the world being the way they are, so they write and play this music to get it all out.

Although it comes out harsh, ragged and raw in yells and F-words, the sound is still strangely melodious and can even be pretty at times.

These guys did a good job ? they made a great record. Listen to it because I say it?s good. If nothing else, it?ll piss off your Residential Advisor.

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