Reading John Brach?s Sept. 27 Letter to the Editor, ?Coming together, not being silent,? I couldn?t help but notice an interesting flaw in his line of reasoning. Alissa Miller and Cecilia Le wrote two different articles in the CT about the World Trade Center bombing.

Miller called Le?s words in her Sept. 13 Editorial Observer ?insensitive and untactful.?

The part I don?t get is Brach roundly criticizes Miller of ?trying to stifle dialogue? and making ?deliberate attacks on dissenters.? But if this is true, didn?t he just do the same thing?

When Miller expresses her disapproval, she is somehow snuffing out free speech. When Brach expresses his disapproval he is ?facilitating discourse.?

Whether criticizing a newspaper editor or a whole country, I hope that in the future, Brach will hold himself to the same standards that he holds others and tells more then just his side of the story.

? Karl Wright

Take 5 Scholar

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