With the pub being created in what is now the recreation room on the third floor of Wilson Commons, some of the ping pong and pool tables that were in the room have been removed. Four pool tables and one ping pong table have been sold.

According to Director of Student Activities and Wilson Commons Rob Rouzer, two more ping pong tables are also scheduled for future sale. While he is willing to sell them to an off-campus buyer, Rouzer said that he would prefer that they stay on campus.

One of the four pool tables has been sold off campus, and the other three were sold to Residential Life. Brian Flemming, Assistant Director for ResLife explained that one of the tables has been moved to the Susan B. Anthony Residence Hall and the other two were placed in the Graduate Living Center.

The Sue B pool table has been placed in the Solarium, a seventh floor recreation room that has traditionally been monitored by the Sue B Hall Council, and this year is being monitored by members of the Tiernan Project. The Solarium also contains items purchased by the Hall Council, which is why the room is monitored.

A pool table has been put in the basement lounge of the Valentine and DeKiewiet towers of GLC. The lounges are unmonitored and can be accessed by residents with keys.

Flemming said that the River Road residence was considered as a location for the pool table that is now in the DeKiewet basement, but wasn’t chosen because of the small number of undergraduate residents there.

Although the pub is in place only on a temporary basis, Rouzer explained that the tables were sold because even if the pub is unsuccessful, “We’ll look at other alternative uses for the space. The hope is that people will use it as a place to hang out regardless of if there’s food and beverage.”

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