As a UHS health educator and the coordinator of the orientation program on alcohol, I want to thank Lewis Powell for his feedback (CT, 9/30). The “Alcohol 101” CD-ROM program is one of the modalities I use for alcohol education because it’s been so enthusiastically received by students in the past. Students comment that the program’s interactive, entertaining format is a fun way to learn about a serious issue. Certainly, I will take Mr. Powell’s critique into account when planning for next year. I was disheartened, however, that he made no mention of the five students who co-presented with me. These students openly shared personal experiences and opinions about this sensitive and controversial issue, and put lots of effort into planning and presenting this program. It’s a challenge to most people (even us “adults”) to communicate effectively to an audience of hundreds, but especially challenging, I would think, for students in front of their peers. They deserve a lot of credit for a job well done.As always, I’m searching for effective and interesting ways to educate students about this important health and safety issue. I invite Mr. Powell, and anyone else who is interested, to meet with me to discuss their ideas in person. I can be reached by phone at 3-5772, or by email at

Nancy Reynolds, UHS Health Educator

War in Gaza hits UR campus

Amid the release of several administrative statements about the war in Gaza, vigils, protests, and counseling sessions have hit UR’s campus.

Sophomore Joey Stempien starts small with his big band

Every Thursday of this semester, you can hunt down sophomore Joey Stempien and his friends at the East Avenue restaurant (and well-known college student sustenance staple) Stromboli’s.