As a UHS health educator and the coordinator of the orientation program on alcohol, I want to thank Lewis Powell for his feedback (CT, 9/30). The “Alcohol 101” CD-ROM program is one of the modalities I use for alcohol education because it’s been so enthusiastically received by students in the past. Students comment that the program’s interactive, entertaining format is a fun way to learn about a serious issue. Certainly, I will take Mr. Powell’s critique into account when planning for next year. I was disheartened, however, that he made no mention of the five students who co-presented with me. These students openly shared personal experiences and opinions about this sensitive and controversial issue, and put lots of effort into planning and presenting this program. It’s a challenge to most people (even us “adults”) to communicate effectively to an audience of hundreds, but especially challenging, I would think, for students in front of their peers. They deserve a lot of credit for a job well done.As always, I’m searching for effective and interesting ways to educate students about this important health and safety issue. I invite Mr. Powell, and anyone else who is interested, to meet with me to discuss their ideas in person. I can be reached by phone at 3-5772, or by email at

Nancy Reynolds, UHS Health Educator

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