The Rochester Police Department arrested Gerald Thilbault, known as JT, Thursday night on charges of trespassing.

Security approached Thibault outside of the Drama House while responding to a problem at the Benefit Concert at the house that was raising money for the Red Cross. They notified the Rochester Police Department, who arrested Thibault and took him into custody without incident, security investigator Dan Lafferty said.

Provost Charles Phelps banned Thibault from campus last year due to disciplinary problems.

Man stopped while looking into cars

Security observed an individual Friday night driving through River Lot and looking through cars. An officer approached the car and identified the driver and the three passengers as individuals who weren?t affiliated with UR.

The driver told security that they were looking for a friend who worked at UR and that he was looking into cars because he thought they might be his friends, Lafferty said.

RPD was notified and the individuals were all positively identified and warned about returning to UR property. They were not arrested.

Individual escorted from Hylan

Officers patrolling campus Sept. 21 found an individual sitting in a classroom in the second floor of Hylan Hall at 2:30 a.m.

When the officers asked the man what he was doing there, he told them that he was studying, Lafferty said.

When asked for identification, the individual provided a UR staff ID and told the officers that he previously worked at UR and used to attend classes but was no longer affiliated with UR.

Officers confiscated the ID.

The man was escorted from the building and warned about being in UR buildings after hours.

Man restricted from UR seen on campus

A UR Security officer recognized a man seen in the main hall at the Eastman School of Music as being previously banned from the campus.

The man, who stated that he was waiting for a ride, was escorted from the property and advised against returning to university property, Lafferty said.

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