I have a suspicion that the guy I like might be homosexual or is not confident about his sexuality. How do I find this out? P.S. We have hooked up.

? Confused on Campus

You may think that your situation is unique, however, it is not.

According to the Kinsey Scale, people have varying degrees of heterosexuality and homosexuality. It is not usually the case that it is all or nothing. Humans have percentages of attractions to both sexes.

How else would there be so many cases of threesomes, right? Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

There are a number of things you can do to discover if he is, in fact, a six on the scale ? which means exclusively homosexual.

First, try putting Freshmen Magazine and Playboy Magazine on a table and see which one he picks up. If he starts admiring the homosexual pornography, then start planning a shopping spree to Banana Republic.

Second, you can persuade one of your gay friends to use his all-powerful gaydar. This one usually does the trick. Remember also to watch his body language when interacting with other males and females.

Studies have shown that the impressions observers get from brief ? 10 second ? silent videotapes allow them to predict the sexual orientation of total strangers at levels noticeably better than chance (Ambady, Hallahan, & Conner, 1999).

But, if both of you have already gotten it on and he is taking an interest in you, then he probably is not completely homosexual. And if that is so, then keep on flirting and batting those lashes.

? Joan

Do women prefer large penises or bubble butts?

? Hunk from Hillcourt

I had no idea those elements of the body were in competition with each other.

Truthfully, most women do not care about features like that. As long as you are moderately attractive, the girls will come.

While men tend to focus more on physical attractiveness, females are attracted more to resources.

Still, it doesn?t hurt to have a nice booty and a large penis.

? Joan

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