The work seems unending and the midterms are just around the corner. It?s Friday and you are looking forward to the party at night. Why would you even think of spending a precious Friday or Saturday up north on the other side of downtown Rochester?

For a number of very good reasons ? all of which lie in the Brown?s Race Historic District.

Begin your day at the Centre of High Falls. With helpful guides, interactive displays and 3-D exhibits, like a taxi tour and a model flour mill, you will definitely enjoy a fun overview of the area?s history, geography and culture.

Then get out into the sunshine and stroll through the neighbor-hood of what was once the center of America?s flour milling industry.

The old iron forge is not to be missed ? three stories below street level, the Triphammer Forge boasts actual 1816 factory ruins. But that?s not all. There is also a replica of a 240-foot section of the original raceway used to power mill wheels below the street.

Of course, what would Brown?s Race be without High Falls? Part of the Genesee River, this powerful waterfall was the site of Sam Patch?s death. The first of Niagara Falls? famous daredevils made his fatal leap into High Falls in 1929.

While walking or biking on Pont De Rennes over the Genesee River Gorge, you will not only see the magnificence, but also feel the rolling thunder of these 96-foot falls.

Enough thrill for the moment? Then take a breather. If the weather?s good, then picnic at the Granite Mills Commons, right next to the gorge. If it isn?t, then chow down at nearby restaurants, like the High Falls Brewery.

When night falls and you have had your fill of food and drink, stand back and watch the magic of the laser show ?River of Light? unfold into dancing lights and spectacular sounds against the powerful backdrop of High Falls.

This is the story of a Seneca Indian Spirit, Jonehseo, who together with a young bear, Chester, shares the history of the river and Rochester in a 30-minute dazzling laser display, complete with fireworks.

Finally if you aren?t already thrillingly tired out from the day?s adventures, hit one of the nightspots in the vicinity or head back to the brewery for more of that 12 Horse Ale.

After all, Brown?s Race is not called an entertainment district for nothing, and the bonus is that admission is free. So don?t miss out on this great place.

To get to where the excitement is, you can take the RTS No. 72 bus to Park Avenue, where you can catch the EZ Rider shuttle service that runs on Friday and Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Public parking is available in the High Falls Garage.

For current events, directions and operating hours, call the High Falls Information Line at 325-2030.

Lee can be reached at

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