by Awista Ayub

Canpus Times Staff

The women’s field hockey team headed back to Rochester for pre-season training this summer with team goals to achieve.

Coach Colleen Doyle was optimistic about pre-season training in hopes of transforming a young and talented team into seasoned veterans.

Doyle used pre-season to develop the skills of the team and to improve team communication. The team is made up of four seniors, two juniors, eight sophomores and four freshmen. The younger players are already showing a lot of promise and it will just be a matter of time before the team chemistry comes together.

This year, the team is lead by senior captains Sierra Dillaway and Emily Zebrowski. Dillaway sees her role as captain as an opportunity ?to provide guidance in the right direction to any of my teammates by setting a good example on and off the field.”

Dillaway has already seen the freshmen and sophomores stepping up and making an impact on the team with their hard work ethic and dedication to success. This sentiment was also shared by Doyle.

In their first game of the season, the Yellowjackets faced serious competition from Gettysburg College. The team battled to tie the game 3-3 after regulation but lost the tough match 4-3 in overtime. Despite the loss, the game highlighted the improvement of the younger players on the team.

Sophomore goalie Pamela Sheffield made key saves for the team, freshman Ashley Kahan scored 2 goals and sophomore Kaite Poeth scored 1 goal in the effort.

The Yellowjackets next faced Wooster in another overtime battle, losing with a score of 2-3. Scoring in the overtime effort were junior Nicole Ketterer and Poeth with a goal a piece.

The team played well in their first two games, and they hope to apply those lessons learned to the rest of the season. This fall season promises to be an exciting one for the Yellowjackets as they look to face many ranked teams within their league, and look to grow into gaining regional and national recognition.

Currently, the Yellowjackets are ranked 20th in the nation among Division III teams, and they are hoping they can improve their ranking as the season progresses. Last night, the Yellowjackets picked up a win against Nazareth College 3-2, bringing the team?s record to 1-3.

The team?s next home game will be played at Fauver Stadium when they face Skidmore at 2 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21.

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