You know the old clich ? the way to a man?s heart is through his stomach. Well, that?s how the Campus Times got me.

My friends and I thought we?d be clever. We were hungry one night early in our freshman year, and we had already grown tired of Aramark cuisine, so we decided to go to the CT interest meeting. I?d like to say it was out of an intrinsic love of journalism, but in fact it was because I had seen on the poster that there would be free food. Before I knew it, I was eating pizza and being assigned my first news story on Convocation. I had joined the staff.

And, by joining the CT, I became part of a tradition. The CT has been around for 128 years, longer than any student group that on campus. And, in that time, the CT has served the UR community by reporting on its day-to-day activities and earth-shattering events.

We publish everything ? the latest sports scores, news on the latest research, local restaurant reviews, and the latest university gossip ? if people are talking about it, you?ll read about it in our pages.

If you?re curious what?s happening this weekend? Well, the CT also produces The Buzz, UR?s twice-weekly events and notices bulletin. Check it out at dining centers and residence halls all over campus.

And, you can also be part of the process. No matter what your interests are, the CT has a place for you. Want to find out the latest scoop? Be a reporter. Have an opinion? Write about it in our opinion section.

Don?t like words? Take pictures. Don?t have a camera? You can borrow one of ours.

Do you have an eye for graphic design? Help Megha with our graphics. Like to draw? Well, you can put your talents to use illustrating our articles or submitting to our comics section. Do you hate tpyos? Come copy edit our pagers. Are you looking for experience working with and implementing a web page? Help with our Web site. Finally, if you?re looking to make money and to learn more about marketing, you could try selling advertising. And for every ad you sell, we pay a 10 percent commission. It?s an easy ? and profitable ? way to get involved.

We?ve got something for everyone.

Two years? and many sleepless Wednesday nights later ? I?m still here and I?d have to say it has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. Not only have some of my best college experiences happened because of my time at the CT, some of my strongest friendships have come out of our office. By getting involved, I?m sure you?ll have a similar experience.

Stop by for the free pizza Monday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Havens Lounge on the fourth floor of Wilson Commons. If you join, in some way ? by writing, photographing, illustrating or just helping out ? you?ll help document the history at UR.

And, if not, at least you got some free pizza.

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I enjoy the occasional coding problem, as the differently-colored special words scratch a certain itch deep, deep down in my monkey brain.

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