Thirty-one percent of the undergraduate student body voted in Students? Association elections on March 29.

While we applaud the students who did vote, it is important that those students who didn?t vote understand the ramifications of their inaction.

When the SA senate is elected by such a small portion of the student population, the administration notices. Due to the relatively small percentage of students who elect them, the senate has less influence when presenting ideas.

The administration believes that senate representatives do not truly represent the student body?s wishes because they are not elected by a majority of the student population.

We want our student government to work toward making life on campus as good as possible, but we need to assist them in their efforts. Voting is an easy way to help student government wield all of the influence with the administration that they possibly can.

The low voter turnout also makes it hard for the SA to gauge student reaction to new policy. If the student body were more involved with student government in general then election results would be a better way to measure student satisfaction.

Reelection of an incumbent would acknowledge a job well done, and the choosing of a new candidate would indicate that things need to be changed.

As it stands on our campus, the numbers are so low that it is hard to determine voters? motives.

Student government?s job is to be responsive and involved in student concerns, but it is just as important that students be involved in the process of electing this government. A more reciprocal relationship will lead to more effective government, and benefit the entire student body.

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