The 4/26 issue of the CT arrived a few weeks after it was published in my Chicago mailbox with a hand-written note from Ray MacConnell on the back. “Check out pages 16 & 17 — a total surprise! – Ray”

Surely, had the CT contacted all former editors and staffers who in some way has had their life touched by Ray, the cost to print the volume of stories generated would have exceeded the CT budget for the entire year.

The tribute illustrates that the greatest gift of working at the CT is not the byline or the all-nighters it takes to produce the paper. The greatest gift is having the opportunity to develop a friendship with the a person who is not only there for all your smiles and tears during college, but the onese that come long after commencement.

Adam KeatsEditor-in-Chief, 1993; Class of 1995

RASA’s struggles highlight troublesome new club formation process

SA and Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) endeavor to uphold the values of diversity and inclusion and to support students’ interests, but proposals for some new clubs have encountered difficulties on campus.

Available now, for a limited time: Pig Syrup

The fact that this market hasn’t been tapped yet astounds me. There are so many reasons to transform into a pig!

Notes by Nadia: What’s wrong with being a fan?

I wish that people would just mind their business and stop acting like being a fan of an artist is “weird.”