I recently helped host an alumni event in Philadelphia. During the event I was approached by two alums who enthusiastically reported the news of their engagement. They both had worked on the Campus Times as students in the early 1990s and in the course of our conversation, they regaled me with their fondness for Ray MacConnell during their years here and told me that not only had they stayed in contact with him but that he was doing the flowers for their wedding. I was impressed by their enthusiasm for someone who had clearly made a lasting impact on them. This is not the first time I have encountered such enthusiasm for Ray. Over the years, other alums have mentioned him as a valuable part of their undergraduate experience. As I think about Ray?s 25 years of service at the University, I have no doubt that there are countless others who have benefited from his thoughtful guidance, his skilled and professional work as graphic artist, and his generous and sinfully good pastry creations to generations of weary and dedicated Wednesday night CT editors and writers. For these and many other contributions over the years, Ray, I extend my congratulations to you onthis landmark of service to the University and, especially, to our students.

Fringe Festival belly dance performances: Desert Rhythms and Dylaina Alexandria

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The college ranking debacle

The whole college system is a business, and these rankings are no exception.

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