?Freshman Jason Bronstein was the sixth golfer in Yellowjackets? history to be named University Athletic Association Rookie of the Year. Coach Rich Johnson was named the UAA golf coach of the year for leading his team to its seventh team championship in UR history. ? Sophomore Joanna Toke went 6-0 at the University Athletic Association Tennis Championships this past weekend. In singles play she played at the No. 1 position and tallied three victories. In doubles play she also went 3-0. She improved her spring record to 9-0 and 17-3 for her year record. UR placed third in the tournament.? Junior Aaron Arfman finished with a record of 3-0 in singles play and 1-1 in doubles play at the UAA Tennis Championships this past weekend. UR placed third in the tournament. ? With the lacrosse team?s victory over Nazareth College UR has swept Nazareth in all the sport events in which these two teams compete.

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