Class of 2002 Women?s Softball

Nellie was nominated by coach Kris Shanley after she batted .393, had eight RBIs and hit two home runs in the the last three double-headers. She helped the Yellowjacket offense pull together, finishing 3-3 in the last six games.

Nellie has played softball since fifth grade in Colebrook, N.H., and she said she has always looked up to her brother.

?Ever since I can remember, I?ve always looked up to him and admired his hard work and determination,? she said.

Since she has come to UR, she has tried to model her brother?s outlook. Currently double majoring in American sign language and linguistics, Nellie hopes to attend graduate school in the future and enter a career in speech therapy.

Right now, she doesn?t really have much time to spend off the softball field. She knows that her focus is in softball right now and helping the Yellowjackets pull together the rest of the season.

?The team has come a long way since our rocky start in Florida,? she said. ?We?ve pulled together and learned to trust one another, and it?s shown in our recent success on the field.?

?I?m impressed with all their hard work. Success starts with the right attitude, and along with the talent that we have as a whole, I?m looking forward to the rest of the season,? she said.


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