Do you remember the video cameras that were at every single event during the Sesquicentennial Celebration in October?

The Public Relations Department hired a company to videotape all of the Sesquicentennial Celebration for future uses. Alumni Relations and Development has plans for the footage.

Video usage

?We are just finalizing a 15-minute video that is a compilation of Sesqui highlights,? said Jennifer Linton, special events manager for the Office of Alumni Relations.

The video is to be shown this spring at Meliora Nights, the regional celebrations leading to Meliora Weekend in the fall. Meliora nights are a series of alumni events in cities across the nation intended to celebrate the university and generate enthusiasm for the first annual Meliora Weekend.

Meliora Weekend

The success of the Sesqui Celebration led the university to create Meliora Weekend, an event designed to be similar to Sesquicentennial, but smaller in scale. The weekend will be in October and will combine Family Weekend, Homecoming and class reunions.

Alumni Relations is also looking into the possiblity of producing individual tapes of the various symposia for future use.

Duvall on display

Some of the tapes have already been put into use outside the university. WXXI, television channel 21, broadcasted the ?Up Close and Personal with Robert Duvall? program on Saturday April 7, taped during his visit to campus last October.

The Alumni House sponsored a simultaneous broadcast of the program in the Common Ground Caf. The event featured refreshments, and was intended to give students who missed seeing Duvall on campus last semester an opportunity to witness what he said.

Actual comedy at the Winterfest comedy night

This time, unlike last year’s Winterfest interview with Pete Davidson, each guest performed about a half hour of stand-up comedy with little to no heckling of any kind.

SA and Rochester Youth Year showcase efforts at the Community Engagement Fair

“We wanted to facilitate one-to-one contact, and it’s just good to know that people are out here doing the work,” said Witkin.

Examining student employee pay structures

Any job here requires a certain amount of training, but not all pay structures (devised in response to perceived skill) are created equal.