Imagine a long ?Y? necklace that falls in the middle of the torso onto exposed skin. The v-necked shirt is cut low and cinched at the waist.

Add a pair of hip-hugging jeans that are ripped and worn out, but still accentuate the important parts of the body. A wide gold studded belt adorns the waist. Long, dangling earrings grace the tip of the shoulders, and chunky, sparkling bracelets add to the glitter of the outfit. Finish the look with thin-healed sandals that crisscross and tie just above the ankle.

This look not only represents great style, but also this spring fashion exudes tremendous sex appeal.

This spring?s line is a reemergence of old fashions mixed with modern cuts to compliment the attitude and sophistication of the current generation of women. For once, there is something for everyone to choose from.

The color schemes range from cheerful, bright colors to classic black and white. The sailor look has also surfaced with red, white and gray colors. And a military look emerged from the survivor craze where camouflage clothing is must-have for fashion followers. Punk-style clothing is also popular among girls who crave to give pull off the tough, hard-edged look.

For the party-going, club-hopping woman, sheer and shimmer are words to live by when looking for the perfect blouse. Also suitable for a night out is an off-the-shoulder top ? this trend has carried over from the season to season over the last few years. For girls who like to have fun with strings, there are halters and other tops held in place by tying strings together.

Summer shorts and skirts are not only short but also low waist. Pants can be almost any length as long as they are straight-legged. Stay away from the extreme bell-bottomed or tapered looks. If comfort is your priority, the cowgirl look is relaxed and still la mode.

Having worked our way down to the toes, sandals no longer have chunky heels ? they are slick and thin heels and straps are optional depending on preferences.

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