Although the fashions at the Oscars were elegant, no outfit really made a statement, or at least a worthwhile one. Let?s face it ? Jennifer Lopez?s dress with a sheer top was not very controversial or improper. She had style, and the sheer Chanel top added spice to the otherwise venue-appropriate gold ballroom dress.

Lopez could have shown a thing or two to fellow pop star Bjrk, who was nominated for her song ?I?ve Seen It All.? She was screaming for some help in her white, swan dress. Along the same lines, Kate Hudson could have learned much from her mother Goldie Hawn, as her Stella McCartney dress had too much going on and completely took away from Hudson?s natural beauty.

With that said, there were plenty of other fashion victims at the show. Best Actress nominee Juliette Binoche went completely wrong with a long, black Jean Paul Gaultier dress. It was reminiscent of 1920?s France in style, but it was not flattering on Binoche and the long strings of pearls with the dress just made the look gaudy.

Other disasters include Renee Zellweger in a yellow dress ? it is not her color. The usually sexy Sarah Jessica Parker must have been having a bad day when she put on the short black skirt with a long-sleeve shirt. In addition, last year?s Best Actress, Hillary Swank, probably looked more attractive as a boy than she did in the Versace outfit she chose to wear.

Another actress who chose to go back to the past for fashion inspiration was Ashley Judd. Her flapper girl look was a definite hit. She was glamorous in the well-cut silver Armani dress with the hairstyle, diamond chains and headbands in her hair simply completing the perfect look. Penelope Cruz was absolutely exotic in her black shimmery Ralph Lauren dress that looked beautiful with her black hair and fair skin.

Winona Ryder, usually a fashion victim, was gleaming in her strapless long dress with a trendy corset and her new blonde, curly hairdo to compliment it.

There were many who opted to wear beautiful suits to the show. Surprisingly, Angelina Jolie decided to wear a white Dolce & Gabbana suit which was trendy, but definitely not Oscar appropriate.

Making one of his first public appearances after his divorce with Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise sported a short crew cut and looked as handsome as ever in his suit. Ben Affleck successfully pulled off his rugged look with his unshaven face and substance-free hair in a perfect designer black shiny suit and a hip white tie.

All of the Oscar winners were well dressed, with Julia Roberts leading the pack in a beautiful vintage black and white Valentino gown ? this pretty woman was definitely the Cinderella of the awards.

Russell Crowe was not exactly Prince Charming with his ?80s hairdo and the fact that he displayed little emotion throughout the show. Benicio Del Toro, on the other hand, was dashing in his classic black Armani tuxedo. In contrast with the simplicity of classic black, Marcia Gay Harden brought color to the show in her wine red Randolph Duke dress.

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