As most of you know there is an Internet outlet in every dormitory room on campus. Almost all of us use it on a daily basis to interact with friends or do some research.

Whether you are in GLC or Hoeing or Wilder Tower, you can easily hook up to the World Wide Web through the outlet in your dorm room.

However, outlets are also present in lounges everywhere on campus, but unlike the ones in the rooms, they do not work.

If students hook up their cables to the outlets in lounges, their computers will not receive connections to the World Wide Web.

So the outlet, which is usually next to the phone outlet, is of no apparent use whatsoever.

?The outlets are not patched,? ResNet employee and senior Samantha Hammontree said.

Sophomore Scott Guthrie from ResNet explained that ?every room and every jack is connected to a switch, and every switch has a limited number of ports?

Therefore, it is impossible to patch all the lounges because there is not enough capacity, he continued.

One of the possible uses for the outlets is in case the suite lounges and other lounges need to be hooked up for use by students living on campus.

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