My work with the SA started with joining the Student Services Committee. As a member of that committee, I am working on various projects to improve student life, such as enhanced cable and recycling services, more UR specials, and installing a video store on campus. I have seen how fast and how efficiently this committee can move, and it has gotten me excited. I would like to represent my class on the Senate because I feel it is from there that I can better student life the most. I see joining the SA Senate as an opportunity to do much more in the way of improving student life, and that opportunity is one that I am very eager to pursue. Being a freshman, I have a lot of time here to work for my class, to better the University in any way I can, big or small, and to be a voice for the 937 people that compose the Class of 2004. As a senator, I will take the duties of my position seriously, and I will engage my activities and responsibilities with the utmost vigor. Don?t hesitate to email me at if you would like to get in touch with me. I also have more information about my campaign up at

The fear of rejection: an epidemic

Each rejection felt like a stab of “you’re not good enough,” and because of this fear, I missed out on so many opportunities to grow.

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