I am determined, I am energetic, I am strong willed, and well spoken. I want to represent the University of Rochester as the At-Large Senator so I can facilitate the needs of the students and help improve the college atmosphere in which we live. I am active, I am outgoing, I am trustworthy, and honest. I want to encourage the students to speak out about their problems and to work to gain what they deserve. I am open-minded, I am friendly, I am very helpful, and zealously attentive. Help me to make this place in which we live an Institution in which we would be proud to call home.

Many years of leadership, teamwork, and hard work in many groups and organizations have given me the necessary skills to be an exceptional SA Senator. I will make sure that everything that I do in the SA Senate will be meaningful to the student body as a whole.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A tale of historical grievances and human cost

We need to address the ongoing crisis affecting the Palestinian people and advocate for the protection of their rights and dignity.

Notes by Nadia: How to prioritize your mental health

As a person who struggles with anxiety and depression, I’m always trying to find ways to prioritize my mental health.

Off Broadway On Campus Presents: Class Act!

OBOC performed a revue of musical numbers ranging from a Romeo-and-Juliet-inspired French musical, to a story about a mysterious phantom that haunts the theater.