During the course of my term as an at-large senator I have gained invaluable experience and worked hard to make a difference in the lives of students here at the University of Rochester. Unfortunately, my term as senator has been cut short due to constitutional by-law changes. I ask that you re-elect me, Kris Kiefer, to the Student Association Senate, giving me the opportunity to complete the work that I have already begun. Specifically, I have made an effort to understand the parking situation and bring that to you the students through meetings with the director of parking, Glenn Sicard. Furthermore by re-electing me, you are electing leadership experience, you are electing a student athlete, and you are electing a leader who is dedicated to providing the students of Rochester with a powerful voice in the Senate. Experience as a senator, the president of a fraternity, and as a member of the baseball team has given me a valuable perspective on the attitudes and beliefs of a large portion of the campus community, including thoughts on freshman housing, parking, and student programming. I am determined to continue providing a voice for those who are not often heard, giving all of you a say in the decisions that are made concerning your lives. If you want this school to accomplish all of these things for you then vote Kris Kiefer to the SA Senate.

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