The function of the Students? Association executive is to serve as an interface and resource center for interaction between students and administrators. In order for us to be successful, all students serving our university community must share this function. My previous experiences have included serving as Senator from Hill Court and the Fraternity Quad. In addition to currently being a senator, I am also Chairman of the Senate Policy Committee, which has, among other things this year, rearranged the way elections are run so you only have to vote once in the spring.

How the SA government should be run: I will run the SA government with three fundamental precepts: communication, accountability, and efficiency. These guidelines, while considered internal, will permeate all areas of government enabling students to be better served.

1.) Communication: I envision a seamless dynamic between the senate and the executive branch bound by the common goal of university improvement. Even though this seems like a basic concept, it is not currently present. Also, clear communication will develop from what I call a ” Dear Colleagues” letter. This letter will facilitate continual brainstorming among administrators, elected student officials, and, most importantly, the student body. Additionally, I will create an interactive presidential website, enabling everyone to engage in frank and informal discussion.

2.) Accountability: I hold myself to a very high standard and will expect the most from everyone with whom I work.

3.) Efficiency: To me, is synonymous with action. The SA government has become more proactive this year, and I intend to perpetuate this trend with my management style.

My Agenda:

The items above provide for a solid foundation for me to implement my agenda, and tackle the important issues students face.

1.) Dual Cabinet Structure: I will have a personal cabinet and a cabinet representative of SA groups. This cabinet will give SA groups? greater control over student group funding. More importantly, this structure will enable all SA groups to have a more active role in their government.

2.) Student Class Councils: These councils will help remedy the current lack of class unity. The function of these councils will be class programming, planning interclass competitions, developing university traditions, and enhancing school spirit. These councils will be separate from student government, and will allow students to run freely with their own original ideas.

3.) Incentive Based Achievement Program: As tuition becomes increasingly burdensome, this progressive program, currently being debated by the administration, will reward academic and service achievement with tuition deductions. A program like this would benefit students as well as draw positive attention to the university.

My agenda is not a laundry list of lofty goals. Salient issues concerning dining services, security, parking, and Wilson Commons are an ever-present fight for the student government. I will pledge my support and resources to these issues, but they require cooperation from university administrators and cannot be completed by students alone.

Remember that you, a member of the university community, have the power to affect your university. Administrators do not care where ideas come from. A good idea is a good idea, period. My objective, no matter my office, is to ensure that every student has someone in his/her corner fighting for his/her cause. I take pride in helping others achieve their name-recognized accomplishments. This is the role that the SA president should serve, and this is the role that I will serve.

Please contact me at or visit my website

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