Sex and the CT

Updated: Damned either way

Editor's Note: Due to an editorial mistake, this story was published online on Oct. 24, 2016. The author had agreed to write only for the print edition of that issue.

The science of orgasm

The orgasm doesn't exist in a vacuum—it's just one part of the sexual response system.

Everything I used to think about sex is a lie

Never, in the years leading up to my first sexual experience, did I consider how someone might make me feel good.

Get the ‘Yes’

In some situations, consent is straightforward. In others, it can be murky. Let the Campus Times break it down for you.

College sex: just the basics

In college, talking about sex is almost a daily occurrence, and usually a weekly one in the Campus Times.

Circumcision? Make your decision

While it’s true that tetanus wouldn’t be a health consequence for most Americans, circumcision as a primary means of STI protection is a poor choice.

The do’s and don’ts of spring break sex

A routine checkup for sexually transmitted infections and diseases is never a bad idea before and after you plan on having sex with someone new.

Public opinion on pubic hair

The proliferation of porn culture, and the lasting impacts of feminist and free love movements have confused many as to what is “normal” for pubic hair — just what is the standard at UR?

Know your options for male contraception, or lack thereof

The lack of choice in men’s reproductive health care is a disservice to as well as a burden on women.

Have you learned the ABCs of HPV?

Although it’s hard to believe, nearly all sexually active men and women have potential to contract human papillomavirus infection.