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Adventures in speed dating

College speed dating is as awkward as it sounds.

‘Birds of Prey’ is Missing the Most Important Bird in their Flock

If you hadn’t guessed already, Harley Quinn has nothing to do with the birds. In fact, the most important bird — Barbara Gordon, also known as Oracle — is missing in this movie’s flock.

First-years face off in gingerbread competition

The competition was tense, and the challenges brought the best out of everyone. Gingerbread houses were graded on creativity, structure, neatness, and colorfulness. 

Horror and the Oscars: What are the Oscars scared of?

There are amazing developments and stories being incorporated into horror, and that should be recognized by the Oscars to protect its integrity.


For 20 years he showed the NBA and the world how hard work could make you the greatest player alive. When he left the game, his name stayed on the court.

Deck the halls with Matzo Ball

Such a small gift showed that my friend respected how I celebrated and practiced my Judaism.