Melanie Earle
Features Editor
Class of 2023
Melanie Earle is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering from New York, New York. Melanie is a Features Editor alongside Michelle Shuai. Before CT, she was her high school’s photographer, and had a summer internship with the New York Times. Outside of CT, Melanie is involved in research on campus, the Society of Women Engineers, and other engineering extracurriculars.

Articles by Melanie

Day in the Life: An Electrical and Computer Engineering Major

When I started to take ECE classes, rather than calculus, physics, the pre-requisites, I started to realize it was something I never really learned before, and I enjoyed that aspect of it, so I stuck with it.

Students react to recent dining service operations and changes

Dining Services has currently had to change its service hours and operation of locations due to mass staff shortages.

The excitement and apprehension of in-person instruction

I don’t think I’m the only one on a roller coaster of emotions over the return to school, but overall, I’m smiling.

The students behind community weekend headliners

The artist selection process starts with a list generated by general members of SPB. At a general meeting, members will discuss who they think should be the artist for upcoming events. At the end of the discussions, SPB has a list of artists for future events. 

UR alumnus brings new life to Tin Roof

After graduating in 2019, Chitaphong never imagined he'd go on to run Tin Roof, a popular bar near campus. Although it wasn't easy learning to run a business in the midst of the pandemic, Chitaphong has a vision for Tin Roof - making it the best time for as many people possible.

The origins of UR’s underground self-expression

The iconic stretch of tunnel underneath Eastman Quad used to constantly change, with new colors and messages from students, for students. Since the 60s, political messages, club promotions, and even sexual innuendos filled the walls, until this past year.

Student burnout was a big deal this past spring

After two and a half semesters of Zoom-education, UR students are ready for a change of pace. To be clear, UR students are no stranger to burnout, but it has been particularly different this past year due to the academic conditions, global pandemic, and a challenging social climate. 

Burnt out? The University Counseling Center can help

The University Counseling Center understands the weight of the past year. Here are some UCC resources the UR Community can use to combat burn out.

The founding of Justice For Asian Americans

One of JFAA’s main goals is to build solidarity between the different Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities on campus.

Student community reacts to SA election results

Rising juniors Sabeet Kazmi and Rusama Haque will be the Students’ Association (SA) president and vice president next year, garnering twice as many votes as their competition.