Sept. 23, 1921 (The Campus)

Classes begin at the newly opened Eastman School of Music. Despite unfinished construction, the first class had over 100 students, and the number of faculty was 32.

Sept. 28, 1934 (The Campus)

A spectrograph — an instrument that separates out and captures the light spectra of objects — designed by UR optics professor Brian O’Brien, is announced to be slated to go on exhibit in Washington, D.C. at the National Bureau of Standards and then at the National Geographic Society. The spectrograph, then mounted on the Explorer 1 balloon, was nearly destroyed when that balloon exploded mid-flight, but the spectrograph was successfully parachuted back to ground. After the flight, the instrument was tested in Bausch & Lomb Hall to check if its performance changed due to the flight conditions.

Sept. 28, 1945 (The Campus)

After only a week of construction, workers complete the first two decks of the Naval Science building (now Harkness Hall).

Sept. 29, 1950 (The Campus)

A photo-mural of Rush Rhees Library and two campus scenes is put up in Grand Central Station in New York City. At around the same time, local station WHAM begins football broadcasts from the River Campus Stadium.

Sept. 23, 1966

UR hires John Powell, the head of the Yale security system and a trained FBI officer, as a consultant to help overhaul the University’s security procedures. The move comes after students were mugged on campus and suspicious individuals were seen prowling near Tiernan Hall.

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