There’s more to Rochester than just the UR campus and College Town. The city has spots catering to all interests. So we made a rundown of some key ones.

The ravenous can go to Voula’s Greek Sweets for specialty desserts and vegetarian sandwiches. D&L Groceries Inc. is an authentic Jamaican grocer. And the Public Market — a hub for farmers and vendors from around the county — is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays year-round.

If you truly want to gorge yourself, head to Dogtown. The place offers a selection garbage plates, which are a Rochester essential. They also name their hot dogs after dog breeds.

To get a break from Starbucks, you can sit and study or just sip coffee at Spot Coffee or Java’s Cafe at Eastman. Cafe Sasso also offers hot drinks and pastries and displays local artwork.

For the musically-inclined, the Bug Jar is the place to see indie bands, both local and on-tour. At Funk ‘n Waffles, you can pop in for a unique blend of, well, music and waffles.

Anthology is another lively venue, suitable for those looking to break out their best dance moves.

Drop by Needledrop Records to buy some records. Or to sell your old ones. Or just to feel vintage for a few minutes.

In search of something more cinematic? The George Eastman House, along with a museum in the home of its namesake, has the Dryden Theater, which presents films old and new, with speaker introductions for context.
Not into mainstream films? Head to Little Theater Café to see a range of indie or international films. Or, check out some live music, drink a coffee or a beer, and spend an evening at the cafe out back.

If you prefer art that doesn’t move, the Rochester Contemporary Art Center has $2 admission to see its constantly changing modern-art exhibitions.

For bookworms, Greenwood Books offers rare fiction and non-fiction. And of course, there’s the Rochester Public Library, which has tons of events in addition to its vast literary, filmic, and musical catalogs.

For gaming enthusiasts, Millennium Games offers just about any board game, figurine, or card deck you can think of.

If you’re looking to stay active, go for a skate at Genesee Valley Park Arena, the home ice of UR Club Hockey. You can get fit and see the sights by biking along the Genesee River Trail, which you can take toward Ontario Beach Park. Don’t forget to stop at High Falls along the way.

And if you’re in search of professional sports, you can see the American Hockey League’s Rochester Americans, or Amerks, and witness a brawl or dramatic shootout victory. Baseball fans can attend Red Wings games. Since they’re a Class AAA minor-league team, highly-touted prospects can often be found in both dugouts.

And we encourage you to search for your own unique spots. The city has a lot to offer for those willing to look.

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