Ronda Rousey was knocked out by Holly Holm on Sunday at some fight in Australia. It was the biggest thing to happen in boxing since the last time social media told us to watch a Ronda Rousey fight. And, at the next biggest fight up to then, everybody paid $100 to watch a Filipino congressman fight a guy with a bad domestic violence record.

It’s super cool that boxing and other fighting type sports are getting some attention again. It usually takes some guy losing an ear or dying to get people’s attention, but it’s nice that we’re settling on attractive women for a change. Sex and violence go hand-in-hand after all.

Fans like Phil Systine came crawling out of the woodwork to talk about boxing and Rousey’s defeat. “The pretty girl juked to one side, juked to the other and then hit the other pretty girl,” Systine said. “Then she hit the floor, and it was over.” Systine insisted that he watches the matches for their strategy and not to see attractive women fight one another. “I’m a big fan of the sport of boxing, and value what these women are doing for me.”

While Rousey’s looks may have been a contributing factor to her social media success, fans everywhere insist that the fighting itself is driving their interest in women’s fighting.

Other fans like George Cadwell thought the fight was a letdown. “The whole girl-on-girl fight thing was misleading, especially after finding it on pay-per-view,” Cadwell said. “I couldn’t get into it like I could with some of the other pay-per-view stuff that night.” It’s certainly possible that Cadwell had been referring to some other UFC fight.

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