1. A doctor quit being a pediatrician after ten years of never having enough patience.

2. A computer scientist quit her job after realizing she wasn’t a guy.

3. A physicist quit her job after discovering that the universe was expanding while her love for outer space wasn’t.

4. After fixing a man’s aorta, the surgeon resigned from his position after he discovered that his heart wasn’t in the right place.

5. A carpenter stopped his project; he just couldn’t nail his work.

6. The painter quit her job after realizing that she couldn’t even draw a crowd.

7. The mailman decided his days were over once he decided that he just couldn’t deliver.

8. The plumber quit his job after he realized it was too crappy.

9. The dentist quit her job after learning that everyone drinks pop and consumes sugar.

10. The musical athlete quit his job after realizing that he couldn’t beat a drum, not even in basketball.

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