Down 2-0 at halftime against Union College, the scoreboard was no indication of the hard work and spirit of the women’s field hockey team. And it certainly couldn’t predict what would happen next.

UR dominated the second half, scoring two goals to tie up the game. Sophomore forward Shelby Hall shot from the top of the circle, making her third goal of the season. About 10 minutes later, junior forward Allison Beardsley followed suit with a goal off of a penalty corner from junior forward Anisha Gundewar.

As regular play came to a close, the team went back onto the field with an almost tangible energy. The ’Jackets maintained control of the ball throughout the period, only allowing Union two shots on goal. The score remained 2-2 at the start of the second overtime period until Union broke away from UR defenders and made the final goal.

The result may show a 2-3 finish, but the field hockey team’s performance proves that numbers should not define them.

“We were bitterly disappointed with the outcome of our Union game on Friday,” head coach Wendy Andreatta said. “After showing character and heart to fight back from a 2-0 deficit … we just could not catch a break.”

The next day, Saturday, Sept. 25, the ’Jackets were back at it against nationally ranked Skidmore College.

“The first half of the Skidmore game we really played well against their pressure,” Hall said. “They are used to the Astroturf, whereas we are a field turf team.”

The difference in turf definitely proved to be a challenge, but that didn’t mean the women let their guard down. Junior defender Darragh Kerr, assisted by junior forward Anna Dobrzynski, got the ball past the goalie off a penalty corner to bring UR onto the scoreboard.

At halftime, the score was kept to 2-1 — which Dobrzynski credits to the defense. “We executed our defensive press perfectly which is one thing our team has been working on this season,” she said. “We were only one goal down at the first half so that was a huge accomplishment for us. We definitely had them scared.”

The team continued to play hard throughout the second half, but Skidmore pulled away ending the game 5-1.

Though the team ended the weekend with two losses, they look forward to pulling in a win against William Smith on Wednesday.

“If we play with as much heart and discipline as we did against Skidmore and Union, we can definitely beat William Smith,” Hall said.

Olfano is a member of the class of 2012.

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