Illegal items confiscated

In Slater House on Sunday Feb. 14, security officers responded to a call for an activated fire alarm on the fourth floor.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers found that a smoke detector in a student’s room had caused the fire alarm to go off.

According to UR Senior Security Investigator Daniel Lafferty, at first the occupant told the officers that he had lit his shoelace on fire and that was the cause for the activated smoke detector.

The occupant was confronted by the officers with the observation that the odor detected was consistent with the smell of burnt marijuana, which then caused the student to surrender a smoking device, a hand-rolled cigarette suspected to contain marijuana and a small amount of the suspected marijuana.

In addition to these items, a partial bottle of alcohol was confiscated because the student was underage.

Before leaving, the officers reset the alarm system.

This matter has been referred to the Dean of Students Office and Residential Life for additional review and discipline.

Cooking incidents cause alarm in Riverview

Twice on Sunday Feb. 14 security officers responded to fire alarms that were activated in Riverview Apartment C.

The first call to UR Security, at 6:23 p.m., was from the fourth floor and the second call was at 8:49 p.m. on the first floor.

In both cases the fire alarm was activated due to smoke from burnt food items.

In one instance, the cooking oil had caught on fire, but the student was able to extinguish the fire and move the pan to the hallway as his room filled with smoke. The pan left a scorch mark on the rug but no other damage was found.

For the second incident, the Rochester Fire Department responded, ventilated the area, and reported that the area was safe.

In both instances the fire alarms were reset.

Anonymous phone calls become persistent

After receiving approximately 60 anonymous phone calls between Thanksgiving and the present-day, an undergraduate student residing in Hill Court reported the calls to UR Security Officers on Friday Feb. 12.

According to Lafferty, the student found these phone calls to be alarming and annoying.
The original phone number making these calls was discovered and reported to Security. As of now, no police report has been filed.

A suspicious odor causes student to evacuate

A strange odor on a second floor residence in an Eastman Commons building was reported to security officers on Sunday, Feb. 14.

According to Lafferty, the odor was believed to come from an electrical burning fire.

The occupant in the room temporarily moved to another room and Facilities was notified about the odor problem. Nothing was found to be burning and no damages were reported.

A basketball player sustains injury during game

An undergraduate student was transported via a security vehicle from Georgen Athletic Center to the Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department on Saturday Feb. 13 at 6:47 p.m.

The student was found to have a laceration on his cheek. According to Lafferty’s report, the injury resulted when the student was accidentally hit by a player’s elbow during a basketball game.

Berkowitz is a member of the class of 2012.
Information provided by UR Security.

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