Slight bump in Take Five

Eighty-eight Take Five applications were turned in before Monday’s deadline, an increase from the 71 applicants who applied last fall. on average, there’s often more than 70 applicants.

According to the Associate Director at the College Center for Academic Support Sean Hanna, 78 of the 88 applicants are seniors. There are seven applicants from students for the Hajim School of Engineering (one of whom is a dual degree student), and nine are from the Eastman School of Music (two of which are dual degree students).

Conor Willis is a member
the class of 2011.

Semester at sea for Phamdo

Junior Eric Phamdo was one of five students selected from a nationwide applicant pool to be awarded the Semester at Sea Scholarship. The scholarship pays half the expenses for a tour of eight different countries.

Participants were required to submit an essay answering why they wanted the scholarship, as well as a creative photo that visualizes a semester at sea. Phamdo’s photo was of him and a seal looking face-face on a beach.

Phamdo is the second UR student to win the scholarship since it started in 1963.

Jerome Nathaniel is a member
the class of 2011

Spotify Wrapped has shifted the way we talk music

Spotify Wrapped may be the only thing that keeps me going, just to see if I will ever break free from the chokehold sad indie girls seem to have on me.

The Kingdom of Sweets comes to Rochester

A classic holiday traditiion for many families, this showing of "The Nutcracker" was a collaborative effort between various organizations in the community.

‘Speak No Evil’ is so AAAAAAAAAAAAAH

"Speak No Evil" is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. But if I recommend it, nobody will ever talk to me again.